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Teller County Regional Animal Shelter


The mission of the Teller County Regional Shelter is to serve and protect the region’s lost, unwanted, neglected, or abused companion animals. To achieve this mission, we will provide affirmative care in a no-kill environment until these animals can be reunited with their caregivers or placed in other suitable environments.

We will endeavor to prevent cruelty to all animals through comprehensive community education and advocacy.



In the late 1990’s the Woodland Park animal operation was known as the “Hound Pound.” Their facilities were poor at best and in 1999 it closed. The city of Woodland Park then contracted Teller County to provide animal control. The County was considering using the Pikes Peak Humane Society in Colorado Springs as their provider, but local residents rejected this option as they felt that it was to far away and they wanted a no-kill shelter for their animals. A group of Teller County residents organized the Rescue Animal Force (RAF). They worked out of the same building that TCRAS currently resides in, providing animal shelter services until they disbanded in 2001. Toni Phillips, a local animal lover, formed the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS), had it registered as a non-profit organization, built a board to oversee it and was awarded the county contract. Toni resigned from TCRAS in 2003 to form her own animal sanctuary. We thank all former individuals for their efforts and dedication to the homeless animals of Teller County!

TCRAS is alive and well with a new shelter staff. The new Board of Directors provides oversight by working very hard to improve and expand services in Teller County. There are many ways you can help the animals. Please visit the other pages on our web site to learn more and thank you for visiting the TCRAS web page!

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308 Weaverville Road
DivideCO 80814

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Kellie Case
Email: Phone: 719-686-7707
Fax: 719-686-7428
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